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Loom Design · 18. August 2022
By the support of this ancient Austronesian foot loom we are reaching beyond a time on Taiwan Island, that leads back to Chinese mainland.
Loom Design · 18. August 2022
With a little help of the box loom of the Atayal people we reach Taiwan backstrap weaving an advanced foot loom, a kind of Austronesian loin loom. On that short trip through history we take you to the roots of this box loom, a modern version that came out of the original trunk looms. This indicates a big jump from bamboo cane looms to wooden looms.

Loom Design · 18. August 2022
This advanced foot loom-type is an early bird of Austronesian loin looms on Java Island in Indonesia, you won't find that easy nowadays. It demonstrates the development of previous foot looms to later following stilt looms in Indonesia.
Backstrap weaving Foot Looms
Loom Design · 16. August 2022
Foot looms are the pretty early birds amongst all loin looms. The oldest known one leads to 4.500 BCE, found near to Yangtze River.

Loom Design · 08. August 2021
Let's start with the Loin Loom Lab of Mac & Magic Loom Design.....a lady-like foot loom backstrap weaving, inspire by the Austronesian Paiwan people of Taiwan Island.
Loom Design · 25. July 2021
Mac & Magic Loom Design introduces you to a type of backstrap weaving foot loom, inspired by the Austronesian Paiwan people on Taiwan island. Get relaxed by watching it!

Loom Design · 25. July 2021
Mac & Mac Loom Design introduces you this Sunday afterLOOM to the Walking Spirit, a type of backstrap weaving foot loom, inspired by the Austronesian Paiwan people of Taiwan Island.
Loom Design · 24. July 2021
An experiment to build the warp beam of an ancient-style, Taiwanese foot loom just out of a bundle of bamboo sticks. With that bundle of thin bamboo sticks joined together we receive a size similar to that of a big bamboo cane (15 cm) like the Paiwan people of Taiwan use. The idea to this experiment came by watching the gap between the bamboo cane-type loom and the modern days used box loom of the Atayal people. We tried to imagine, what had happened inbetween these two models. ….and it...

Loom Design · 18. July 2021
A preview on our newest build of Foot-braced box loom (case loom) of the Atayal people from Taiwan. For the first the main part - the box - is done! Other important parts, that make an Atayal Loom, are the heavy-type breast beam and the twig-shaped warp divider (shed rod); they are not done yet. Anyway we are going on with weaving our circular warp for the Karen-type bag. That‘s one funny thing with loin looms, you may switch your warp from one to the other loom, as far the size of the warp...
Loom Design · 18. July 2021
[05] Here comes your taxi cab to Taiwan, where we are going to spend our Sunday AfterLOOM today! After a short stopover in the borderland of Thailand/Myanmar, we are going to take one of those Tuk Tuks to Taiwan, gets cheaper! Here we are going to meet the older brothers and ancestors of these vehicles: the foot-braced space warpers. Join our tour to Taiwan and hook on! Box Loom The precious model of this box loom type is made by a trunk from camphor wood, while modern versions come like this....

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